New Year's Dictation 2022 of Gautama Buddha and Mother Mary by Kim Michaels

Your challenge to resolve the enigma of free will

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, December 31, 2021

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. What a joy it has been for all of us to watch you, our direct students, over this past year. Many of you have made use of our teachings and have made tremendous progress on your spiritual path. I may not be seen as the one who is the first to give praise, nevertheless I want to acknowledge this progress, it has been considerable for many of you who are using these teachings.

When I say spiritual progress, of course I mean progress in resolving your psychology, the psychology that keeps you attached to earth, for this is what spiritual progress is all about. We have before talked about how we face a certain dilemma when working with people of earth. Jesus has said we are like used car salesmen who use the bait and switch technique. We must give you a teaching that appeals to you to get you in the door, and then hope you can adjust and recognize what the spiritual path really is all about.

There is, of course, when you look at the planet as a whole, a considerable amount of people who call themselves spiritual but who are still on the outer path. They think it is a matter of using a spiritual technique, studying a spiritual teaching, learning it intellectually, following a certain guru and then they will automatically one day reach whatever they see as their goal. As we have explained so many times, this is, of course, not the case. It is an illusion promoted by the fallen beings, the false teachers who want to keep people trapped here on earth, trapped under their control.

What is it that can allow any force, be it human beings or non-embodied beings to have control over you? Well, aside from a dictator who has physical control over you, it can only be psychological control. What allows someone to control your psyche? It is that there is something in your psyche that they can use to control you. The prince of this world has something in you whereby he can rule you. He can make you do what he wants you to do. He can make you react as the demons of Mara attempted to make me react, when I was ready to go into Nirvana.

Why are you not ready to go into Nirvana? Because the demons of Mara, they have a reaction in you that they can use to get you involved in the play, as I said last year. What pulls you into being focused on the play that is being enacted on earth? There is some attachment. Many of you have heard the word attachment, even for years. But have you grasped what it really is?

What is an attachment? Well, you take the situation described in the New Testament. A young man comes to Jesus and says: “Master, I really want to follow you, but please let me go and bury my dead father first.” Jesus says to him: “Let the dead bury their dead.” There is the situation where Jesus came to his future disciples that were mending their nets and said: “Leave your nets and follow me.” The young man who wanted to bury his father had an attachment to some kind of custom. If the other disciples had not been willing to leave their nets instantly, it would have been because they had an attachment.

In other words, what is the spiritual teacher always seeking to accomplish? It is to help you move from the level of consciousness you are at right now, to the next level up. Therefore, the teacher always comes and says: “Come with me to the next level.” Now, if there is something in you that you are attached to, you will say: “Oh! I will follow you master, but I just have this or that or the next thing I have to do first.” You cannot follow the master, you may say: “But surely I can follow the master later.” Of course you can, we are not saying it’s all or nothing—it’s now or never.

On the other hand, do you consider that you have a divine plan? Do you consider that in that divine plan, you yourself when you were looking towards your coming embodiment – this embodiment, you had a higher vision. You defined a goal, and you could see that for you to reach the goal that you defined in your divine plan, you would have to go through a process, because you would have to move from the level of consciousness that you had when you came into embodiment, to the level that was necessary for you to fulfill the goal defined in your divine plan.

You also defined a timeline, saying ideally you would like to reach the goal before you were out of embodiment, or at a specific time, at a specific age. Therefore, there was not too much time to dilly dally, to go on tangents, to go into blind alleys. You had a certain timetable that you defined for yourself. When the master comes to you, he is not coming because he wants to force you. He is coming because in your divine plan, you wanted him to come and remind you that it is time to move on. If you now say: “Oh master, leave me alone for a while, I am busy here.” It is not the master you are letting down, it is your own divine plan and so this is why you can all benefit from keeping this in mind: What did you define in your divine plan? What was it you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime?

Then you can look at yourself and say: “I see that in these last couple of years, I have become attached to certain viewpoints, certain issues that have taken up a disproportionate amount of my attention. And that have actually pulled out of me a certain amount of mental and emotional energy,  because I have been thinking about these issues, going over them again and again, going over scenarios in my mind and trying to convince other people that I am right. I have had strong feelings about these issues”. And if you see this in yourself you can say: “Does this help or hinder my divine plan? Does this help me move closer to my goal or does it keep me stuck at a certain level of consciousness? Is it therefore an attachment?”

Then you perhaps have a better foundation for deciding: “It is time to let it go. Because compared to my divine plan, how important is this issue, whether it is this, that or the next thing? How important is it? Will I say to Jesus: What is that to me, I will follow thee.”

Will you say to the teacher: “I will follow you. I will leave my nets. I will let the dead bury their dead. I will let the dead discuss, debate this or that issue. I will just LET IT GO and move on.”?

This is the difference between those who can make maximum use of a spiritual teacher and those who cannot. It is the difference between those who meet the goals in their divine plan and those who do not.

If you were to compare this dispensation that we have given through this messenger, to the previous one of the Summit Lighthouse, you would see that many people in the Summit Lighthouse had a much clearer sense that the path was about discipline, it was about following the teacher, following the guru, going in a certain direction. They were much more goal oriented.

In this dispensation we have not put any pressure on you. We have left it up to you how you will implement the teaching, what pace you will set for your growth. However, this is not to say that one approach is better than the other. They are just two different ones, because if you also look at the Summit Lighthouse you would see that many, many people had a clear goal, they were very disciplined, they were very determined with their outer mind to do so and so many hours of decrees a day, pass their tests and all of this. But, they did not actually make much progress because they still had an attachment. They had an attachment to doing things a certain way, they also had attachments to strong viewpoints, to strong opinions including the view of their own importance as spiritual students, as the ones who were bringing in the Golden Age of Saint Germain, or saving the world for Saint Germain as they saw it.

It does not matter which approach we take as masters, there is no guarantee that the student will respond. It is up to the student to respond. You see, for example, that this messenger has not presented himself as a guru, has not gathered to himself a group of followers where he can come out and say: “You have to do this. You have to do that.” But he has provided you with an example.  He was very goal oriented. When he found the spiritual path, when he found the teachings, he did apply himself. He did come to a point a long time ago now, where he decided to start working directly on his own psychology. He was very disciplined, very willing to look at his psychology, to study teachings and books. He has been very willing to take the teachings we have given through him. He has not reasoned that “Oh, the reason the masters can give these teachings through me is that I have already passed these initiations.” He has not allowed himself to reason that. He has looked at the teachings, taken the teachings, looked in the mirror and said: “How does this apply to me?”

You, of course, all have the same potential, we are not trying to elevate him, we are trying to say: “What one has done, all can do.” How determined are you to fulfill the goals that you defined in your divine plan for this lifetime? Where do you feel you are at? Are you willing to ask yourself, or ask one of us, ask one of the Chohans?  As you are now taking up this vigil again on January 2nd  are you willing to ask Lord Lanto and then the other Chohans: “Show me where I am at on the path. Am I behind my divine plan or am I in step with it. Show me then what I am lacking, what my attachment is that is holding me back.”? This is a tremendous opportunity for you as a community with this vigil. It can bring tremendous growth to you, those of you who will apply yourselves.

Now, this messenger has, as I said, been willing to apply the teachings, look at his own psychology, not only to deal with the cosmic birth trauma of coming to earth, but also in realizing something that we have not yet really talked that much about. Namely, that he did not come to earth with a completely resolved psychology. He was not ready to ascend when he came to earth. He came to earth with a certain attitude, a certain mindset and as he has been willing to realize, that mindset made him think that he was here to help raise the earth, to help free other people.

In reality he is here to free himself from the mindset that was holding him back on a natural planet. The same of course, applies to all of you who are avatars. All of us who came here to earth as avatars. Why did we come to earth? Well, it was not as you might think because we were bad, or evil, or selfish, or self-centred and therefore we deserved to come to a planet like this. No! We did actually come here to help raise the earth by having a higher state of consciousness than most people on earth, so we could pull up on the collective. But we did not come here specifically to change specific other people and to accomplish specific things on earth.

In other words, before I came to earth as an avatar, I did not come here specifically to start the religion of Buddhism. Before Jesus came to earth as an avatar, he did not come here specifically to be the Christ in embodiment and to start a major world religion. Contrary to what our followers want to believe about how special we were, we were not special compared to all other avatars that had come to earth. We had the potential that they all have, but this was something that could only unfold as we responded to being on earth, as we started overcoming our initial reaction, our birth trauma and our reaction to this planet, and overcoming also this psychology that brought us to earth.

What is the next level of teaching that we want to give in our progressive revelation about avatars? Well, it is that as an avatar you start out on a natural planet, meaning, there are no fallen beings, there is no large part of the population who have gone into duality and separation, it is a potential that you could go into separation, as it was on earth before it became an unnatural planet, but it is not a guarantee.

You start on a natural planet, but you start out pretty much as we have talked about on earth, you start out with a point-like sense of identity. And you start on a natural planet – which is not the same as earth, but on a natural planet you start at the lowest level of consciousness that is there on that planet (because it is only on an unnatural planet where you start at the 48th level and there are levels below where you start.) On a natural planet you start at the lowest level of consciousness that the planet is designed for. Then you gradually raise yourself up to the highest level that is currently there on that planet.

What happens on a natural planet is of course, that there are some lifestreams that go through this process faster than others. There are some that apply themselves more, make use of whatever teachers you have on a natural planet, and that means that they now reach the highest level of consciousness that is there on their natural planet.

The question is—what do they then do? Because there is not any point in them staying on that planet, at least not beyond a certain time. You may for a time serve as leaders, but there will come a point where you long for something else. You know there is a next step you need to take.  there are two options available for avatars who have come to this level. One is that there are other natural planets that have higher levels of consciousness than the one on which you started. You can move to one of these planets. The other option is that you can move to an unnatural planet.

Now, why would you as a being who has reached the highest level of consciousness possible on a natural planet choose to go to an unnatural planet?  Well, that depends very much on where you are at in consciousness. Now, I am saying that on a given natural planet (and you did not all come from the same one of course) but on a given natural planet there is a highest level of consciousness.  But this does not necessarily mean that you are ready for your ascension. It is not so that when you walk the process that is possible on a given natural planet, you will automatically be ready to ascend and become an ascended master.

The reason for this is that in order to become an ascended master, you need to completely resolve the enigma of free will. You need to truly internalize what free will is – what it means. And you need to resolve why it was a stroke of genius by the Creator to give all self-aware beings free will. In truth, the concept, of course, was not invented by our Creator but has been there in many other creations. However, not in all creations, as some Creators have experimented with not giving completely free will, but they have all learned a certain lesson that it does not work to restrict free will. That the only way to create a sustainable creation – world of form, really is to give complete free will.

In order for you to ascend from an unascended sphere, you need to resolve this enigma. Some will say: “Well, I will attempt to do this on this higher natural planet.”  But there are others, who quite frankly have the courage to say: “I do not think I get this, I do not think I get free will. I do not understand why our Creator gave everybody free will.” Some of you then look at unnatural planets and you say: “When I look at an unnatural planet, I really do not understand why our Creator gave people free will. But I want to grasp this. I want to grasp it and that is why I am willing to embody on an unnatural planet. I am willing to experience in my own being what it means that there are people who are trapped in duality, where I cannot persuade them. That there are fallen beings who are so trapped in duality that they not only cannot be persuaded, they will try to silence me or prove me wrong, or even convert me into their state of mind.”

In other words, there is a certain amount of people/beings on a natural planet who say: “I really want to resolve this and perhaps the best way for me, is to go to an unnatural planet where the view I have built about life and about creation, and about free will on my cosy natural planet will be challenged.” In other words, you are saying: “I want to have my viewpoint challenged. I want to go to a place where there is no argument I can come up with that will convince people, as I am used to from a natural planet.” When you are a leader, when you have a high level of consciousness on a natural planet, you are used to thinking that you can come up with a reasoning process that will help people at lower levels of consciousness see that “you are right” and therefore they will follow you, they will follow your advice and your directions.

This is what it is on a natural planet where people are open to learning something they do not know today. That is not the case on an unnatural planet as I am sure you will all agree on. That is why there are some of us, I am not necessarily saying that we were more advanced, or more eager, or more courageous than others, but we decided: “We want to challenge ourselves by embodying on an unnatural planet.”

What those of you who are ready for this teaching can benefit from doing, is starting very slowly, very gradually to consider how you look at this issue of free will, how you deal with it. What is your view of it. What is your (so to speak) default reaction, your gut reaction to it. When you see the mess that human beings have created on earth, when you see how the fallen beings have abused their own free will and have violated the free will of others, what is your reaction? Then you can start looking at what is the attitude, what is the belief behind this reaction, this gut reaction. What is it in your head that you think about free will? Then you can go to the identity level and start considering: “How do I see myself as a being with free will interacting with other people with free will?  How do I see myself as a being who has at least started to rise above duality, interacting with people who are in duality and who therefore really are not exercising a free will because their will is not free?”

You can then start clarifying this, and thereby you can come to see what was the dilemma that you had not resolved on a natural planet concerning free will. You can then start looking at the earth and really considering: “How can I resolve this?” We have already given many teachings that can be helpful to you and you can look at them. But we will also give more in the future, this is of course just the beginning of a new level of teaching.

What is it for you that you feel about free will? What do you think about how free will works and how it could work differently? How do you see yourself as a being with free will in relation to other people?  How do you think you are ever going to get out of this planet, this madhouse as a planet, as some of us have felt including myself at a certain stage? What will resolve it, what are the attachments you have about free will that are keeping you here?  Not because you are actually forced  to be here, but because you do not want to leave here until you have done what you came for. You do not want to leave until you have resolved the enigma that brought you here, that made you decide to come here.

What you can begin to do here, is you can perhaps begin to shift  your attitude to having been on earth and having experienced what you have experienced, including the birth trauma, including the entire frustration of seeing how people are hurting themselves, how they do not want to stop hurting themselves. They do not want to know how they are hurting themselves. They do not want to listen to you who knows better and who could help them escape suffering. They want to stay in their suffering and they will not only ignore you, they will actively reject you, put you down, ridicule you, even torture you or kill you in order to silence you. How do you deal with this? How do you look at this?

Well, what you can do, is you can do what this messenger has done. You can say: “Was I a complete idiot for choosing to come to this planet? Did I deserve what has happened to me? Should I feel guilty for what I have done on this planet, for the way I have reacted?” Of course you can perhaps begin to shift this and say: No, you were actually very rational, very mature, very willing to grow and that is why you decided to come here. It was a growth-based decision. It was not that you were forced. It was not that you could not get any further on a natural planet, so you had to embody on earth. You are here because you made a decision that this would give you maximum growth.

You can then begin to look at another thing that can help you deal with being on earth, and that is this. As an avatar when we come to earth, we have said, you go down to the 48th level of consciousness in order to embody. Of course, as you go down from the 144th level, you take on one illusion for each step you go down. This becomes your perception filter that obscures your vision, your memory of having been on a natural planet. But, it does not mean that there are not certain things you take with you.

It is not a clear memory that you have for having been on a natural planet, but it is a certain attitude to life, a certain attitude to yourself that you have as an avatar, even when you are at the 48th level of consciousness. Of course, as you raise your level of consciousness it becomes clearer and clearer. You take this messenger as an example again, and again it can be different for each one of you, but many of you will recognize what I am saying here. This messenger felt there are certain mistakes he should not make here on earth. There are certain things on earth he should not do. There is a certain level to which he should not sink on earth, he should stay above some of the mess found on this planet. He has always in this embodiment and in past embodiments going back to the very first embodiment, been very hard on himself.

Many of you will recognize this. You can be very forgiving towards other people, but you are not forgiving of yourself, because you came here with a certain attitude to life that was based on how life is on a natural planet. What did that mean? It meant you have created a certain standard for yourself of how you should behave, what you should and should not do. And if you go against that standard, you feel you have done the worst possible thing that anybody can do in the entire universe.

Now, what have we said about the fallen beings, what have they done to screw up things on earth? They have created a standard and projected that everybody should evaluate everything based on that standard. The difference here is that the standard created by the fallen beings is a dualistic standard springing from the duality consciousness. As an avatar on a natural planet who has reached the highest level of consciousness, you are not in duality. You have not created a standard based on duality.

But do you see what this means? You come now to a planet where everything is infused with, polluted with, duality, but you still think that there are some of the things in duality that you should not do and there are some of the things you should do. But you do not realize, because you cannot realize it until you reach a certain level of consciousness and have a certain level of Christ discernment, you do not realize, that you cannot tell the difference between your own standard and the standard of the fallen beings.

You think that if you do certain things that are not according to your own standard, you have done something wrong. On a natural planet you had a standard for evaluating your behavior. You did not think in terms of right and wrong, you did not apply a value judgment because that is duality. But now you are on a planet infused with duality and you start applying this right and wrong, dualistic value judgment to yourself. That is why you feel “But I have done this, how am I better than the fallen beings, am I not just as bad as the fallen beings?”

Of course the fallen beings will mercilessly exploit this. What is the way out of it? You cannot undo what you did. You cannot change what happened in the past. What you can do is say: “Okay, I did what I did, but what I did back then, even if it was five minutes ago, is no longer there. It is not a physical manifest reality. What affects me from what I did is my reaction to it. What is my reaction based on – the creation of separate selves.”

So you can look at these separate selves, you can use our tools to resolve them, but you need to go beyond just this. You need to actually say: “But some of this is not a separate self created here on earth. It is an attitude I brought with me from a natural planet and I need to resolve it. I need to just let it go and say: There is absolutely no meaning to applying a standard from a natural planet to when I am embodied on an unnatural planet. What does it matter what I did on this dense chaotic planet? What does it matter if I made a mistake here?  What is the point in even evaluating – was it a mistake, was it not a mistake? What I did was based on a certain level of consciousness with certain separate selves. If I overcome that, I am free of it. I should be free of it if I am willing to set myself free of it.”

In other words, what I am trying to say here is this. We have all done exactly what you have done. We came with a standard, we did something here on earth that we felt was not according to our standard. We fell into this abyss, this black hole of self-blame, self-pity and loathing and self-hatred and anger against ourselves for having not been perfect and always being in control of our reactions.

It is almost as if we had the expectation that on the natural planet we were always as they say “cool, calm and collected” and we had the expectation that when we descend into this total chaos that is planet earth we should still be able to be “cool, calm and collected”, always in control of ourselves.

Well, my beloved it is a completely unrealistic standard. Nobody has ever been able to live up to it. Nobody, regardless of their level of consciousness has ever been able to live up to it. Not I the Buddha, not Jesus the Christ, not Maitreya – not anybody who has embodied here has been able to live up to it.  It cannot be done. Because, you must descend to the 48th level and you will react based on the 48th level of consciousness. How else could it be? It is the mechanics of taking incarnation on an unnatural planet.

You will react in a different way than you did on a natural planet. You cannot keep your cool and why should you? Why should you have to? Why should you hold yourself to that standard? What I am saying is this. We all did this, we all fell into this abyss of self-blame. We all crawled out of it step-by-step by grasping on to this rope ladder that the ascended masters were lowering down to us, climbing up hand over foot, one step at a time. We came to the edge of the abyss, but the only way to get out of the abyss was to look at this and say: “Why am I blaming myself? Why am I feeling guilty? Why am I angry with myself? Why do I think I should have been perfect, that I should never have reacted? Why do I think this way? Is it really reasonable, does it make any sense?”

And then you come to that point, not as an outer decision with the outer mind. You just see it. What you actually see, is the self that you had on a natural planet. Because on a natural planet, how do you grow, how can you grow? On a natural planet you start at the lowest level of consciousness on that planet. What does that mean? Well, there are certain illusions that you have not resolved. Because even a natural planet has illusions otherwise how would there be levels of consciousness? How would there be growth if there were not levels of consciousness? How do you grow? What have we told you, how do you learn anything?

You are a co-creator, you learn by co-creating. How do you co-create?  You create a mental image, you project consciousness and energy through it onto matter and it takes on form. Then you evaluate.  But what are you doing when you are co-creating? We have said you are creating a mental image, yes, but you are actually creating a self, you are creating a sense of “This is who I am, this is my identity, this is my mental body, this is my emotional body and this is my physical body.  This is who I am.” And this becomes a self that you are projecting through.

Now, as you grow to higher levels of consciousness, you let one self die, you create another one, just as you do on earth. The difference is, of course, you are not going into duality but you are still creating selves. As you are raising yourself up on a natural planet, you are creating a more and more sophisticated sense of self.  Just as we have said you do here between the 48th and the 96th level. This is just a process of growing in consciousness.

But how do you ascend? Well, you ascend by overcoming those selves. Those who came to the top level of their first natural planet and moved on to the higher natural planet, they took the selves with them they had and that became their starting point on the second planet. Naturally, when you decide to come to an unnatural planet, you also take those selves with you and they to some degree become the starting point for your attitude to yourself here on earth, even your attitude to earth.

What do you need to do in order to ascend? What did we all need to do, those who have ascended from earth? We needed to look at those selves and let them go. They are much easier to let go of, because they are not based on duality, they are not the same kind of illusions, on the other hand you can only let go of them when you see them and on an unnatural planet as dense as earth, it is much harder to come to see these selves that you brought with you from a natural planet.

That is why you first need to resolve the birth trauma and many of the selves you created here on earth before you can start looking at what brought you here. But there are quite a number of you who have used the teachings we have given on the avatars, healing your spiritual traumas and so forth. Therefore, you are now ready to take this next step and start looking at the selves that you brought with you, resolving them so that you can come to this point, where you can not only look at earth and say there is nothing that pulls me here. But you can look at the entire unascended sphere and say: “There really is no other natural planet that is pulling on me. I am ready to ascend. I am ready to leave this unascended sphere behind completely.” That is how you become an ascended master.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you for this New Year’s instalment. We shall see what other teachings we desire to release about this throughout the year. I want to thank those of you who have taken our previous teachings, because you have been the trailblazers who have opened up the collective consciousness to where we could release this as a physical teaching. Once again, my deep gratitude, my ongoing gratitude because any dictation we give is, of course, just one dictation in an ongoing chain of releases.

I know sometimes, some of you can feel, the messenger even feels sometimes that “This dictation was special, this was at a higher level, this was almost complete in itself.” It is good that you have this feeling but of course, any dictation is just one pearl in the necklace of pearls that stretches out into the future, no way of telling at the present how long it will continue, but certainly we look forward to a long ongoing string of pearls of higher awareness.

Copyright © 2021 Kim Michaels

* As a thoughtform for this coming year we will use the Sun thoughtform from last year: “Gautama Buddha, you are the perfect mirror for earth”.

“Saint Germain, you are the perfect mirror for the economy”. “Mother Mary, you are the perfect mirror for women” .


Below you find the dictation of Mother Mary


Mother Mary 3

Uncovering the hidden issues behind the abortion debate 

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, December 31, 2021

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary.

I spoke last year about the need for women to enter the economy and of course, this is not something that we can expect to see immediate results from. It is a more long-term proposition. Nevertheless, I can assure you that because of the impetus of my dictation, because of the calls you have given during the Mother Mary 500 vigil and the other webinars you have done, and in the latest vigil to the Chohans, certain women have actually decided to realign their outer mind to their divine plans and actually enter the field of economics and start studying. This is something that will have an impact in the rest of this decade and of course in decades to come as the development of a golden age economy is of course a long-term proposition, a gradual process.

Now, I want to make a few remarks about the year 2021. So far, the issue of the economy has not yet come to the fore in the public awareness, partly because the economy has been doing fairly well, many would say, and also because of the pandemic that has overshadowed many other topics. Nevertheless, unless there is some, we might say madmen who decide to engage in some kind of war, be it Russia, China, nations in Africa, or even in the Middle East, then I would say that the economy will be a major issue in this coming year.

There is a potential in 2022 that natural disasters, so called, will also attract quite a bit of attention but otherwise, it is likely that a big topic will be the economy. There is of course, a need for you to continue to make the calls on the economy because as we have explained so many times, there are these critical junctures in the development of individuals, nations, even the world, where your calls can have the difference of tipping the development from going down one path that is not as constructive to going down the more constructive path. Thus, your calls have already have a positive impact, there are more and more people who are becoming aware that economic inequality is an unsustainable condition and this will come more to the fore in the coming year.

However, we should not forget that we are in the decade of women, where women are a major issue, so I want to give some remarks about the situation of women and I want to start out with the situation that is shaping up in the United States, where you can see that the Supreme Court is gearing up to reevaluate the 1973 decision, Roe versus Wade, that made abortion legal. It is possible that the court will rule in some way that either makes abortion illegal or restricts abortion or leaves it up to the states what they will do concerning this issue.

Now, if you look at our websites and see what we have said about abortion over the years, you will see that starting in 2004 we gave a much more, we might say black and white message about abortion. We have since then given other messages that are more nuanced and what I want to point out to you here is that we have now moved much further into the Aquarian Age than when we started our websites in 2002. This means that the collective consciousness has gone through a number of shifts. It has started to shift away from the Piscean mindset and into the Aquarian mindset. The Aquarian Age is, as we have said many times, an age of greater freedom, an age of the Holy Spirit and an age of community. What does community mean? It means come ye into unity.

Well, you might say that certainly is not what we are seeing right now and certainly not in the United States, but this is actually the greater issue. The greater issue is coming into unity. What will it take for nations, organizations, societies, groups of people, individual people, to make the maximum growth in the Aquarian Age? It means they will have to shift away from focusing on differences and conflict to focusing on unifying factors. We might say that they need to shift out of the illusion of separation, the consciousness of duality, and shift into the Christ Mind, the Christ perspective that sees the oneness of all life. This, of course, is not the terminology that will be commonly used, but you will see that the greatest success will be had by those who seek to come into unity rather than seek to inflate differences and conflict.

What does this specifically mean when you look at the abortion debate? It means that abortion really is not the central issue. Abortion is one of these issues that in in the United States, polarizes people but it is really just a symbol for this greater division in the nation and in the world at large. This polarization, between those who want to hold on to what they call “traditional values” and those who embrace something new. It should be clear from those who have studied our teachings that, clearly, Saint Germain is looking to change the earth dramatically in the golden age and how do you bring change? Only by embracing something new. You cannot bring change by holding on to the existing conditions. If so, you would still be living in the dark ages.

When you look at the abortion issue in the United States, you can see certain trends. First of all, you may say, if you do not live in the United States, if you live in a nation where abortion is not a major issue: “what does this matter to us?”. Well, it matters to you in the sense that the United States is a conglomerate of people from all nations. It is, as Saint Germain has said, somewhat of an experiment to see, can you bring all these people together who come from such different backgrounds? And can they embrace the unifying factors over the dividing factors? You may say, so far, the result has not been very successful but that depends very much on the criteria you use.

But what I wish to bring to your attention here is that the United States, because it has people from all nations, means that the collective consciousness in the United States is tied to the collective consciousness of practically every nation. So when you raise the collective consciousness of the United States, you will also pull up on the collective consciousness of all nations. Reversely, of course, when some other nations, the modern democracies, raised their collective consciousness it will pull up on the collective consciousness of the US.

Now, when you look at the abortion issue in the United States and step back from the issue itself, what is it that is really going on here? Well, first of all, abortion is clearly a procedure that affects only women. Women are the ones who get pregnant, women are ones who can have an abortion and cannot. A man may be affected by a pregnancy if he is in a committed relationship but if he is not in a committed relationship and makes a woman pregnant for whatever reason, he might not be affected by it at all but surely the woman will be affected by that pregnancy. What does this show you? It shows you that when you step back from the abortion issue itself, whether it should be legal or not, this relates to the entire situation of women in society, specifically American society.

Now, if you look at the reaction in the United States over the last several years, you see that there has been a clear polarization, some even talk about the potential for civil war because there are, as the January 6th event last year showed, some people who are willing to take quite aggressive actions. These are also the people who believe in their right to bear arms and many of them have considerable armaments, privately owned, enough to equip a small army, in fact. But beyond this, we must say, what is it that is driving this division?

Well, you will see that there is a considerable group of people who supported President Trump, who believe he was one of the greatest presidents ever because he espoused certain conservative values, that to them, are essential to the survival of the United States. Now, what have I just said? You do not bring something new by holding on to the old, so the Conservatives of the United States cannot, as Saint Germain has said, bring the United States into the golden age, they cannot do it.

They are out of touch with Saint Germain. However, these people do not see it that way. If they knew about Saint Germain, as even some ascended master students would say, they would say that these people are precisely in touch with Saint Germain because they are the patriots and they are in touch with the philosophy of the Founding Fathers who founded the American nation. And from a certain perspective, they are of course, right. Some of them are in touch with the mindset and some of the beliefs and principles espoused by the Founding Fathers.

However, what these people fail to see is that the Founding Fathers lived in the 1700s and society and the world has moved on dramatically since then. If the Founding Fathers, as some of them are, were in embodiment today, they would have changed their consciousness, their outlook on life dramatically since then. If you go back and look at the Founding Fathers, you see that they were much the same type of people as the people today who are the so-called conservative Christians, and claim to espouse traditional values. What were they? They were all men, the Founding Fathers, they were white and they belong to what you would call the elite back then, the aristocracy you might even say. What you see is that there was, quite frankly, among the Founding Fathers, what you today could call a white supremacist mentality.

In general, the Founding Fathers believed that white people were superior to other races. They believe that men were superior to women. The Founding Fathers in general, were not even considering that women or slaves would be able to vote in this democracy that they were creating. This mindset has been carried over and is now espoused by many of these people who call themselves patriots or conservative Christians. It is a mindset that the Founding Fathers themselves would not espouse in today’s world, because they would have realized how much society has moved on.

What you see in the abortion issue here is that the bigger issue is: What is women’s situation in society? And of course, you see this around the world but let us again focus on the United States. There is a minority of white men who believe still, that women are inferior to men. They believe this based on seeing themselves as Christians, who again, are holding on to scriptures that were given 2000, or even more than 2000 years ago, when society was vastly different. They were also given in the Middle East, a region of the world quite different from the United States. We might say, if you really want to speak in those terms, that the people who received the Bible, both the Old and the New Testament, were not white and you see, there is already there some kind of contradiction. But be that as it may, the fact that the Bible clearly shows a certain attitude to women, even based on original sin, and the fall of Eve, espoused by the Catholic Church, clearly demonstrates that many of these people in the modern world in 2022, they believe that they have a right to make decisions on behalf of women—they have the right to decide, whether a woman should have the right to determine her own fate in life, not only her own body, but her life.

Even though the pro-abortion people have espoused the, “My body My choice” slogan, it is not just a matter of the body because that is only for nine months, but having a child is a lifelong proposition. So this really is the core of the issue and if you pay attention in this year, you might see it, you might see how it lies under the surface. And neither of the two sides who have so far dominated the abortion debate, are really willing to look at it. But you will see that it will rear its ugly head from time to time. There really is a large segment of the United States population, even some among them are women who believe that women are secondary citizens, that they cannot be trusted, they cannot be allowed into the political process and debate. We should not have a female president, we should not even have female congresswomen or senators, because women should be kept out of important decision-making which should be left to white men.

This of course, when you look at history, when you look at the development not only in the United States, but in other nations, you can see that this is not sustainable. The United States cannot in the future remain governed by white men. It is not compatible with the golden age, and even with the future, as you can see it unfolding around the world. There is a simple dynamic here. As I said, those who will be successful in the Aquarian Age will be those who look for unifying, rather than dividing factors. How will white people in general be successful? Only if they look at unifying factors. That means first of all, unify with women in your society, in your relationships, in your families. Create the kind of equality between men and women that you see many European nations striving for, but also in society in general.

There are a number of nations who have had female prime ministers and they have not gone to hell or have fallen apart. You see here that if you could step forward 50 years and look back at the present time, with the consciousness that most people will have at the time, these people will look back at your time and be amazed that this absolutely necessary development could be postponed as long as it was in United States, which claims to be the primary democracy in the world. How could women be held back for so long in this self-declared advanced democracy?

What really matters here is what effect the abortion debate has on raising people’s awareness. What did Gautama discourse on at length in his New Year’s address last year? The world is like a play, and what happens in the play is not what is important. What is important is the effect the play has on shifting people’s consciousness. It is exactly the same here. It is not essential, whether abortion remains legal or becomes illegal. The essential effect is: does this awaken people towards greater unity? Or does it divide them or keep them divided as they are now?

For there to be unification, there needs to be a willingness to step back and ask some questions that have not really been asked in the debate, because it has been dominated by people who are in black and white thinking. What are some of these questions? Well, first of all, the United States is a democracy. One of the cornerstones of a democracy is that the government has a right, even an obligation to enact laws, but the government also has an obligation to enact laws in a way that, to the least degree possible force people. In other words, one of the cornerstones of democracy is that people should have as much freedom as possible to decide their own fate, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as the Founding Fathers formulated it.

What does this mean? Well, it means here, you are looking at a woman, becoming pregnant is a major event in her life. Now, I am well aware that many men look at this and say: “Well that is what women are for. That is their entire purpose in life”. But this is, of course, a completely outdated view. Women are, as are men, spiritual beings. As a spiritual being, you have a divine plan. Now, I will admit that there are different levels of consciousness in society among both men and women so there are different levels of divine plans that people have. But certainly, there is a substantial portion of the women in embodiment today, who have it as part of their divine plan to get an education, to have a career, to have a positive impact on society, things that white men traditionally think is their turf. But this is in the divine plan of women.

This means that there is a substantial amount of women, as I have said before, for whom it is not in their divine plan to have children. In other words, you cannot say that a woman should be bound to have children, that you should have children as a woman. This is the case for many women for whom it is part of the divine plan to have children for a variety of reasons. I am in no way putting this down. I am just saying that you cannot hold on to the view that women should have children. It is outdated. When you realize this, you would then say, if a democratic nation wants to apply the least amount of force in the abortion issue, what should that democratic nation do?

Well, you should look at a woman’s situation and say: First of all, a woman has a right to decide: “I do not want a child for any reason or under any circumstance.” She should then have the right to live her life accordingly. This means what? It means that if a democratic nation does not want to force women to have children, then ideally, a woman who does not want to have children should never become pregnant. In other words, a measure that both sides of the abortion issue should be able to agree on, if they look beyond division and look for unifying factors, is that it would be in everybody’s interest to reduce unwanted and unplanned pregnancies to an absolute minimum. What does this mean?

It means that a society has to take a look at the attitude towards women that are floating around in the collective consciousness. I have talked about the fact that many men believe that it is a woman’s duty and obligation to have children. But what hardly anyone wants to talk about in the abortion debate is that there is a substantial amount of men who believe that it is woman’s place, woman’s duty, woman’s obligation to be available for sexual pleasure, the sexual pleasure of the men, mind you. This means that there is a considerable amount of pressure put on women, or rather girls in their teenage years to engage in sexual activity. This happens through peer pressure, it happens through advertising, movies, books, fiction, the Internet, it happens through the entire focus on women’s looks.

And there is an attitude floating around in the collective consciousness, that at a certain age, a girl should start being sexually active. Well, what does this mean? This means that there is a pressure on girls, and who are the girls most likely to give in to this pressure? Well, it is often girls who do not have a strong personality, who do not have a strong sense of where they are going in life, what is their purpose or not their purpose. They are the ones who are more likely to be pressured by boys or men into having sex. They are also the ones who are most likely to either not be fully aware, even though hardly anyone can be unaware that sex causes pregnancy, but not fully aware of how to avoid a pregnancy.

You see here that when you look at society in general, you can see that there is a certain section of girls that are more susceptible to this male generated pressure to engage in sexual activity, to give in to the sexual advances of men. Therefore, they are more likely to become pregnant and it is an unplanned and an unwanted pregnancy. How can you protect girls, many of them under age, from this pressure? You will see the discrepancy that it is technically, even though hardly anyone follows it, illegal for girls under a certain age to have sex, but nevertheless, there is this massive pressure for them to have it.

Can you see where I am going with this? If you were to really help women, if you were really concerned about women, then you would have to say, we as a society have to address this issue: “The male pressure on women, for them to have their sexual gratification. How can we allow this as an enlightened society? How can we allow young girls to be exposed to this and to have these role models projected out there?”

You will see that, of course, those who are against abortion, pro-life, they would be very reluctant to debate this. Why? Because they have the attitude to women, that men are superior to women, that therefore men should be in charge, the man is the head of the household and therefore, he should be the one who takes the initiative in sexual activity. Therefore, it is okay for a young boy to pressure a girl into having sex with him, even though he has no intention whatsoever of having a long term relationship, let alone marriage or a family with that girl. And their attitude is also that: Well, if the girls became pregnant, it is her fault, she should have protected herself.  And then in most cases, the men will just step back and wash their hands of this.

But do you see that the negative attitude to women means what? It means that these people are not considering the situation of women, they are not willing to consider it. Yet at the same time, without being willing to consider a woman’s situation and what she faces if she is alone and is pregnant at the age of 17, or 18, they still want to decide that this woman cannot have an abortion. This is not really in line with democratic principles: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now I know that these people will of course instantly say: “But what about the rights of the child?” Well, what about the rights of the child? Are you considering what kind of a life that child is going to have if it grows up with a single mother who has trouble in the current economic situation making ends meet? What kind of a life is that for the child? Are you saying that a child is always better off being born, regardless of the kind of life it has?

Well, that is what many of these people believe because they have another attitude, namely, that you are only responsible for yourself. You are not your brother’s keeper. Even though they claim to be Christians, they believe they are not responsible. This is a peculiarly American form of Christianity, where you take the teachings of Jesus: do unto others, love your neighbor, do good to those who persecute you. What did Jesus say? He said, regardless of what Cain said about Abel, you are your brother’s keeper if you are a Christian.

Look at the first Christian communities. I was part of the first Christian community. We very much saw each other as each other’s keepers, both brothers and sisters. But this has been completely rooted out of American Christianity, at least the fundamentalist kind where you just need to think of yourself as an individual and it does not matter what happens to others: “If they cannot make it in America, the greatest nation on earth, it is because they are not willing to work hard enough. They are lazy, they are not willing to apply themselves.”

And this belies the fact that there are many, many children who grow up in parts of America, inner cities, both white but mostly colored, who literally do not have a chance of ever getting an adequate education or a well-paying job. They are literally born into poverty, and they are condemned to live in poverty for the rest of their lives. You can always point to exceptions and say, well, this person grew up in a poor neighborhood and he became a millionaire. Sure, you can. There are always exceptions. But there is no way that the many people could do the same because the American system as it is right now, is profoundly elitist and any elitist system is based on keeping the majority of the population below a certain level of abundance. And in the United States, you can say that there is a large middle class who is above the level of abundance but you also have a large segment of the population who are living in poverty, and will live in poverty for their entire lives.

As we have talked about before, surveys have shown that in the last 40 years, income inequality has grown exponentially. Fewer and fewer people control the majority of the wealth, and the standard of living of the middle class has been eroded. What you see here is that you have a group of people in the United States who consider themselves to be superior. They are white, they are Christians, most of them are male, but many of them are also women who have been pulled into this vortex and they think they should be the ones ruling. In fact, some of them even think they are the ones ruling and that when Trump was elected president, he was their president. But if you look at the facts, you see that Trump was part of the elite, or at least wanted to be part of the elite and he was a president, primarily of the elite.

Now, the elite I am talking about are also white and they are also men but they are people you do not hear about in the news. They are the old wealth in the northeastern parts of the United States, who have an immense influence on the political apparatus, both the Democratic and the Republican parties and they are the ones who are actually ruling America. They are white, they are male, they do have a negative attitude to women. But it is not the ordinary white Christian, who rules America, he may think he does, which only shows you the naivete that these people have.

What I am saying here is that, if you keep stepping back and consider women’s situation in the United States, then you see that it goes not only to the Christian, so called patriotic view of women, but it goes all the way to the top echelons of society where you have these white men who are sitting there controlling the wealth, controlling the financial system. Just go and look, how many stockbrokers are women? But of course, it is not the stock brokers who control the economy, it is those that are so high up, that they are above the clouds, where nobody at lower levels can even see them or can barely see them. This is the real issue here, that America started out as an elite kind of elitist society.

For a time, it made strides to become more egalitarian, with equal opportunity for all. During the 50s and 60s it was the most egalitarian in terms of income that it has ever been but since then, it has become increasingly more elitist and this has degraded the situation of women more than anything else. Because when you come right down to it, you realize that the reason it is often a problem for a woman to become pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy is that her economic opportunities are less than the economic opportunities of men. It is more difficult for women to get a job, is more difficult to get a well paid job. It is more difficult for women to have a career because the employers will think: “Well, what if she becomes pregnant? I’ll promote the man instead, him I know I can count on.”

There are many nations who have made great strides to make it easier for women to be in the workplace, to have maternity leave, paid maternity leave, or even men to have paid maternity leave so it is not just a woman who has to be home with the children. These are things that need to be debated in the United States. The United States needs to simply say: “Well, abortion is not really the issue here. The real issue is women’s situation. And the real issue is, can we live with the fact that we, who claim to be the most sophisticated democracy in the world, we give women far worse conditions than many other democratic nations.”

People need to take a look at European nations see how women are treated there and ask themselves how it can be that there is such a discrepancy. Americans need to simply say: “When we look at history, do we really think that these European nations or Canada or other nations, that this is just a temporary development that they are giving more equality to women than we are? There will come a point where they cannot  sustain it anymore, and it will all implode and women will be back to their rightful place and we in America will be the victors.” Is that really what people believe? Or can they not see that the European nations are simply ahead of the United States and it is inevitable that the United States must move in the same direction, has already moved somewhat in the same direction, and must continue to do so. And that in 20 or 30 years time, the things you see in the European nations today will be in effect in the United States, or the United States simply will fall behind in the global competition.

You see, my beloved, we have talked many times about the second law of thermodynamics, when a system becomes closed, there is an internal dynamic in the system that will cause it to break down. Well, what is the financial system, the political system of the United States? What are the conservative Christians? They are closed systems. Why? Because they are dominated by men, and men have a greater tendency for their minds to become closed systems than women. How will the United States, even corporations in the United States, survive in the global competition? Only if there is a greater influence of women, because women are more open to new ideas than men, and therefore, this is the only thing that can prevent these corporations from becoming even more closed systems than they already are. They will not make it because they will not be flexible enough to adjust to changing times.

Furthermore, if you look at the 2008 financial crisis, what was the cause? Well, it was a financial crisis so it was a crisis that took place in the financial system. Who runs the financial system? To a very, very large degree, men, you could say that men are the architects behind the current financial system. Who was responsible for the crisis that almost brought the entire system into ruin? It was men. The closed system of men’s minds, that they would not consider the human consequences of their actions. Women are more open to considering the human cost of certain actions and therefore, if women do not take a more active role in the economy and the financial system, it is only a matter of time before there will be that irreversible financial crisis that will take the entire system down.

Anybody who looks objectively at the situation can see that this is an inevitability. Will it happen in 2022? Not necessarily. It may take years, but it will happen. Anyone who has common sense can see it. You do not have to be a prophet to predict this. You see here that the abortion issue in 2022, is an opportunity for people in the United States, primarily women, to shift the focus of the debate and say: “This is not just about abortion, it is really about women’s situation in the United States and here are all the ways in which we feel put down, ignored and violated by the system, by the government, by men, by the churches, by the media and we will not stand for it anymore. We will not accept this. We will not accept that a little group of Supreme Court judges can, with a stroke of a pen, change the situation that has been there now for so many years. But moreover, we will not accept that a male dominated society can continue to treat us as second-rate citizens.”

This would be a major shift that could have a softening effect on the debate in the United States. I know very well that the abortion debate could also become very, very polarized with violence on both sides but it could also be a softening effect if women would look beyond just abortion and start debating why this is such an emotional issue for many women, because it is not just the abortion issue. It is the way women are treated by society at large and this is really where you can have an impact if you will make calls for this. If you will use some of the invocations, if you feel this is a topic that is dear to your heart, use some of the invocations from the book about women and give these calls, that women will step back from the issue and really enter the debate with a desire to make their voice heard in a unifying way that simply says: “It is not about us fighting men. It is about us, men and women, realizing that we are all human beings, we are all citizens and we all have rights. And it is time that we start acting as if we all have equal rights.”

This is what I wanted to give you for this New Year. I want to say that your Mother Mary 500 vigil on the economy, your webinars and your vigil to the Chohans has had a major impact on the collective consciousness during this year. It is always difficult to point to specific changes that have been brought about and we fully understand that our students, going back many years, can sometimes feel like, “Does it really make any difference that we are giving these decrees and invocations?” But I can assure you my beloved, it does make a difference, often that critical difference between a non-constructive and a constructive path.

For this, you have my gratitude. You have my profound gratitude and I look forward to seeing what can be accomplished in this coming year, 2022, three two’s. Three two’s, but do not forget the zero. With this I seal you in the joy of my heart!

Copyright © 2021 Kim Michaels


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