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TOPICS: You cannot be truly happy in duality - Built into human happiness is fear for the future - Why many people felt 2016 was a difficult year - Seeing reality from the ascended perspective - The thoughtform for 2017 - What is the point of negative prophecies? - Prophecies as an excuse for postponing Christhood - How truth is sought to confirm preconceived ideas - Opening your mind and heart to receive higher truth - Fearing the future and progressive revelation - The need for more people to hold the balance in the coming years - Exposures can and will occur around the world in 2017 - Ascended master conferences in 2017 - The challenges for the next three years - Passing the initiations of 2017.


Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, December 31, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, and I come with the joy of the Buddha. Many who have followed Buddhism for many years have not locked in to the fact that the Buddha carries a Flame of Joy, a deep sense of joy that nothing on this earth can disturb. 

The Buddha’s joy does not come from this earth, does not come from seeing certain results being manifested on earth, for the Buddha has no attachments to earth. Therefore, the Buddha’s joy is not really what human beings call joy, for human joy is always contrasted with the opposite of joy, whether it be sadness or depression or whatever words you may attach to it. The Buddha’s joy has no opposite, has no contrast to it. 

You cannot be truly happy in duality

Some human beings would say that it is not joy, for they cannot fathom that there can be a positive feeling that is not in contrast to a negative feeling. They would think that a feeling that has no contrast has no intensity, has no validity, has no perspective, has no value to them. They are still not in the state of having had enough of what the duality consciousness offers, which is, of course, always that every feeling has an opposite. 

There may be a certain intensity of joy if you have had a long period of sadness and now suddenly experience something that gives you joy. It may feel more intense on the background of the sadness. Your happiness may feel more intense on the background of unhappiness. There are many, many people who will say that the Buddha cannot be happy because he is never unhappy. If you cannot be unhappy, you cannot be happy, so they will say, those who are still attached to the duality consciousness.  


In a sense, you could say that they are right, my beloved, for when you are in duality, you cannot experience a joy that has no contrast, a happiness that has no contrast. Your feelings will always be seen in contrast to their opposites, and what does this mean? It means that you cannot be truly joyful or truly happy. 

You may think of so many people who have experienced conditions that should make them happy. You will know, if you take a look at this, that people everywhere have a tendency to define certain conditions and they think that: "If I have this situation, if I find the perfect love partner, if I have the perfect house, if I have children, if I have money, if I can travel, if I can do this, if I can do that, then I should be happy.” 

Built into human happiness is fear for the future

There are, indeed, many people who, especially in the more affluent part of the world, do experience, in a period of their lives, that one of the main conditions that they feel they need in order to be happy has been fulfilled. There are many people, even in this last year of 2016, who have actually felt happy in a human sense. 

You may not have felt this way during 2016, but some of you surely have. If you have not, then you have surely experienced in some part of your life that you had the conditions that you thought were necessary for you to feel happy. If you will go into the feeling of human happiness and take a closer look, you will see that there is always an element of unhappiness lying built-into the human happiness. 

Why is this so, my beloved? Because human happiness is in contrast to unhappiness. Most people have experienced being unhappy, maybe for the greater part of their lives, and then, now they are experiencing the conditions that should make them feel happy. They do feel happy, but their happiness is in contrast to unhappiness, and what does this mean? It means that built-into human happiness is always the fear that it cannot last, a fear for the future. 

There may be brief intervals of time where you can be so almost intoxicated with human happiness that you are not consciously aware of your fear of the future. It is still there in the background, and once in a while, it will lift up its ugly head, and you will feel a twinge of this fear. "Can this happiness last? Could something happen that would take it away from me?” 

Then, you can go into various spirals of worry or anxiety that can take away your ability to appreciate your situation, to appreciate what should be a happy time. You see many people who have the conditions that they need in order to be happy, yet after some time, the intoxication of their first happiness fades away, and now, there is this anxiety for the future. 

Why many people felt 2016 was a difficult year

My beloved, if you look at this last year of 2016, what do you see? Some, even one of the world leaders, has said it was a difficult year. Many people would agree. Many would look at the conflicts that have been drawn up more closely or have even spilled into physical actions in this past year. Many would see this as a worrying sign, yet if you look aside from the areas where there was war at the beginning of the year, such as Syria or certain areas of Africa, was there really any major event in 2016 that could destroy people's happiness? 

Was there any huge natural disaster, any earth changes, any outbreaks of new large scale wars or conflicts, any collapse in the economy, any outbreak of infectious disease? When you look at this, you see that 2016 was not really a bad year, if you want to use that term. There was no major calamity that happened, although some in England might disagree or in other parts of the European Union. What I want to point out is that there was no outer event that really made 2016 a difficult year. 

Why do so many people feel that it was a difficult year? Well, it has a lot to do with what I just talked about: the anxiety, the fear for the future. Do you see, my beloved, that there is a segment of the human population (and it is a growing segment) that has become more and more absorbed in this anxiety for the future, even though the world is not truly going from bad to worse? 

We of the ascended masters have said several times that the earth is in an upward spiral, that we are moving closer and closer to the manifestation of the Golden Age of Saint Germain, that we are seeing that the earth is making progress every year, that the collective consciousness is being raised. This is the reality, if you can talk about reality on earth, so let us talk about reality. 

Seeing reality from the ascended perspective

What is reality? Well, my beloved, my definition of reality would be that the reality for earth is what we perceive from the ascended realm. In contrast to this is what human beings perceive from inside the energetic system of earth, from inside the collective consciousness. 

Of course, as I said in my discourse last year, most people think that what they perceive is reality, but from my perspective as an ascended master, I see that there is no human being on earth who can see what you see from an ascended perspective. You cannot be in embodiment (where you see life on earth through the perception filter of the four lower bodies) and, at the same time, see the perspective of the ascended realm. 

This cannot be done, regardless of your state of consciousness. Even a person at the 144th level of consciousness, even a person who has what many people call enlightenment, cannot see from the ascended perspective. You may have brief glimpses of this by going out of the body, but you cannot come back into the body and put words on your experience that will fully describe the experience. 

Nor can you actually put your own understanding or feelings upon the experience, because your four lower bodies cannot fathom the fullness of the ascended perspective. I would say that reality for earth is what we see from the ascended realm, and we see the earth in an upward spiral. We see the Golden Age of Saint Germain manifesting more and more. 

The thoughtform for 2017

My beloved, what I want you to envision, and what I want you to envision for this coming year of 2017, is that you have two parallel, interlocked, interactive spirals. You have a spiral with the earth at its base, and this spiral is going upwards. The movement in that spiral is upwards, and I want you to envision that as we go through this coming year. The earth is moving up in this spiral for every day, every week, every month. It is moving higher and higher in this spiral. 

At the same, time you have another spiral interlocked with it, interlaced with it, in the sense that it has a higher vibration, so it engulfs the earthly spiral.  It penetrates the earthly spiral so that in a way you could say that the earth is moving up in this other spiral, and this other spiral has a movement that goes down. This spiral is the descent of the matrices of Saint Germain’s Golden Age for every aspect of life on earth. 

As the earth is moving upward because the collective consciousness is being raised, the descent of the Golden Age spiral is going downwards. This means that the earth is meeting this spiral and, therefore, is becoming more and more involved, immersed, intertwined with, this descending spiral of the Golden Age matrices. 

This is the thoughtform for 2017, the two spirals, my beloved! The two spirals meeting each other, where you have the descent of the spiral from the ascended masters from Above, and the raising of the earth in another spiral from below. My beloved, we of the ascended masters are naturally providing the driving force for the descending spiral of the Golden Age matrix, but what is going to provide the driving force for the ascending spiral of the collective consciousness and the earth itself? What, my beloved? Well, you are; you, the people in embodiment. 

How can you provide the driving force for an upward spiral if you fear for the future, if you are locked in to this collective consciousness of the many people who are so concerned about the future that they cannot enjoy the happiness of the moment? How can you, then, give this driving force? 

I am talking to all of you who are spiritual people around the world, even those who will never hear or read this dictation, as they will receive it at inner levels. If you are a spiritual person, no matter what outer teaching, guru or organization you follow, you are the only ones who can provide the driving force for the ascending spiral. If there is no ascending spiral, then the descending spiral cannot go very far, for we cannot release that which cannot be received anyway. 

If you want to fulfill the reason that you came into embodiment to fulfill, if you want to fulfill your Divine plans, you need to be willing to look at yourself and look at this anxiety. You need to look at this fear for the future, this fear that the present peace and happiness, the present, whatever positive state you have, can be taken away at any moment, even the fear that it is likely to be taken away because of this or that. 

What is the point of negative prophecies?

My beloved, look at how many people around the world who are either spiritual or religious and who are using various means to come up with a dire prophecy about the future. It could be astrology. It could be some psychic medium. It could be ascended master teachings from the past. It could be the Cosmic Clock of Mother Mary. It could be this or that or the next thing. 

My beloved, there are people who have found the teachings we give through this messenger and who have labelled them invalid because we do not give any prophecies, let alone dire prophecies, through this messenger. My beloved, what is the point of prophesying the negative events that might happen when we see that they are only bumps in the road and will not truly delay the descent of the Golden Age? 

Have we not said, that the bumps in the road are only in order to intensify the experience people are having so that they can more quickly come to the point where they have had enough of the negative and can now embrace the descent of the Golden Age? Why should we, then, focus our messages on the negative portents? Is it not that people who want the negative are wanting this because they have a drama in their consciousness that they have not tired of?  

Prophecies as an excuse for postponing Christhood

Do you see my beloved, we are the ascended masters. We see the reality that the earth is in an upward spiral. How can we then prophesy something else in order to accommodate those who have not been willing to take our teachings and overcome the epic mindset? Do you see, my beloved, the ascended masters do not say what we know people want to hear? We say what we see, and we say what we know people need to hear. 

Those who do not value this are, of course, free to go elsewhere with no condemnation on our part. When you decide that you have had enough of whatever the experience is you desire, we, of course, welcome you back with open hearts and open arms. We cannot give you what you want, if you are tuned in to this collective anxiety and fear for the future that is simply the inevitable outcome of the duality consciousness. 

It is, I must say, also for many an excuse for postponing their Christhood. They say (subconsciously, mind you) that they cannot focus on Christhood when there are so many negative portents for the Earth. My beloved, what is the essence of Christhood? Is it not that you attain mastery over the material realm? 

How can you attain Christhood if you are letting the material realm master your state of consciousness? How can you turn back the negative portents without manifesting Christhood? How can you turn back anything, if you postpone your Christhood because you think negative events will happen? 

You see, my beloved, there is a switch that can be made in the mind, and it can be made very easily when you come to that point of realizing that duality is contradictory. There is always a built-in contradiction, and when you come to the point where you are willing to look at yourself and see that you hold certain ideas, certain subtle beliefs and attitudes, that are actually contradicting themselves, that is when you can make the shift instantly and shift out of this. 

That is when you can come to the ascended masters, and you have no perception filter of what you want us to say. You are not coming with a preconceived view of life that you want us to validate. You are coming to the point where you are now open, and you are saying: “I just want to know the highest truth I can see, and then I am willing to raise my consciousness on the scale of the 144 levels so I can see an even higher truth.” 

How truth is sought to confirm preconceived ideas 

As you know, 2017 will be the year where the earth will be receiving the energies and initiations of the 5th Ray of Truth. Do you know what will be the greatest initiation for this planet in the coming year, not only for the people but also for ascended master students? 

It will simply be this: 99 point 9, 9, 9, 9 (and I could go on naming more decimals) percent of the people on this planet approach truth in this way: They have a preconceived idea of what truth is in their minds, and they are looking for validation of that truth. Some look to science. Some look to a political authority. Some look to a religious authority. A small but growing number are looking to the ascended masters. 

You see, my beloved, if you are open to the ascended masters and their teachings, then in this coming year, you need to make the switch where you realize that you do not want us to validate your preconceived idea of truth. You want us to give you a higher truth than what you can conceive of right now. This, my beloved, is growth. This is what the spiritual path is all about. Do you not see, my beloved, that for each of the 144 possible levels of consciousness on earth there is a certain perception?  

Opening your mind and heart to receive higher truth

As I said last year (and you might find time to re-read what I said last year) when you are at a certain level, when you have a certain experience, then the experience you are having will seem completely real to you. This means that whatever level of consciousness you are at right now, you can grasp a certain aspect of truth, and this aspect of truth will seem completely true to you. 

My beloved, when you are looking at life through the perception filter of your four lower bodies, the truth you are capable of grasping at your present level of consciousness will seem completely true to you. You will think this is the ultimate truth. This is what you will experience. 

As I said last year, you have a certain experience of reality. My beloved, how will you ever grow beyond that level of consciousness? Only when you are willing to question your sense of reality, question the truth that you think is real, and ask us, your ascended teachers, to give you a higher truth. If you are absolutely sure that what you know right now is the ultimate truth, how can you possibly open your mind to a higher truth? How can you, my beloved? 

It cannot be done, and we have seen tens of thousands of students of the ascended masters find an ascended master teaching that was valid, that was given through a sponsored messenger. They have taken that teaching and used it to validate their preconceived truth. In some cases, they have used it to come up higher and grasp a higher truth, but they have still come to a point where they have used an outer teaching given by us to validate their preconceived truth, the highest truth they are able to grasp with their present level of consciousness. 

This is where tens of thousands of students have stopped their growth towards Christhood because now they have no longer been open to having us give them a higher truth, a higher perception of truth. This does not necessarily mean that I am saying that everybody who has ever been an ascended master student needs to now come and study the teachings given through this messenger. We have given valid teachings through several messengers. It is possible to still grow by studying these teachings, but only if you come to the point where you stop seeking validation for your preconceived truth. 

You are willing to question the truth you see. You are willing to question your sense of reality, and you are willing to open your mind and heart directly to us who are the ascended masters to give you something higher from within. If you can do this, it does not matter which outer teaching you are following. 

There are even people who can do this while not following an ascended master teaching. There are Christians who have studied the Bible. There are Buddhists who have studied the Dhammapada. They have been open to receiving progressively higher revelations of truth and understanding from within, and therefore, they grow. This is what we desire for all who have ever found an ascended master teaching: that you continue to grow. 

Fearing the future and progressive revelation

I will also say that there does come a point, my beloved, where you cannot grow any further unless you begin to truly grasp the concept of duality and the epic mindset. There are, of course, teachings on this that were given, some even given a very long time ago through some of the early Buddhist teachers and even in the Dhammapada itself and the teachings that I gave. There are even modern books written by modern teachers who talk about non-duality. 

There is no teaching that is so vast and so profound about duality/non-duality, the epic mindset and the ego as what you will find given through this messenger over these past many years now. It just isn't there because why would we repeat and repeat and repeat, as long as we have an instrument who can give progressively higher teachings? Again, I am not saying that everyone who has found the ascended masters need to study this, but I will put out the question to all ascended master students in their etheric bodies: "Why would you not open yourself to the progressive revelation we are bringing forth? Why not?" Ask yourself: "Is it because you are attached to your present understanding, grasp of truth, and the sense of reality it gives you?" 

My beloved, I talked about the fear of the future. Do you understand that most of you, when you found an ascended master teaching, you had a certain need for validation? You had a need to find this ultimate truth. This is, as we have said many times, a need created by the fallen beings. It is an impossible need because there will never be an ultimate truth on earth. 

You had it, and when you found the ascended master teachings (whichever teaching you found) you decided that this was the highest teaching available on the planet. Now you just needed to follow this teaching for the rest of your life, and then you would make your ascension. You have now taken this fear of the future that is out there in the collective consciousness, and you have transferred it to that ascended master teaching. You fear that, if you ever saw something beyond that teaching, it would invalidate the teaching or invalidate your sense of reality and the experience you had with the teaching, or the time you had spent following that teaching. You fear actually finding a new, higher, ascended master teaching. 

My beloved, can you see that this is contradictory? You see yourself as an ascended master student. You claim that you are on the path to Christhood. You claim that you want to make your ascension after this lifetime, and you know that this requires constant growth. At the same time, you are actually taking a certain teaching and saying: "This is all I need," and you are actually afraid of finding a higher teaching given by us, the ascended masters. 

You may come up with all kinds of reasons about the false hierarchy and this and that. You may project onto this teaching that it must be the false hierarchy because it says this or it doesn't say that, but these are just fears! Have you come to the point where you are open and you ask us to reveal what is the next step for you personally? 

I am not asking you to follow a particular outer teaching. I am asking you to be open to asking. Ask the ascended masters that you know and then be open to accepting whatever answer comes to you. Do not filter it with the outer mind. Do not seek validation for the teaching you are following right now. Be open, my beloved! 

Is that too much to ask of a person who calls himself or herself an ascended master student? I know it is too much to ask of most Christians, most Buddhists, most Muslims, most Hindus, but is it too much to ask of those who call themselves ascended master students? 

The need for more people to hold the balance in the coming years

Why am I bringing this up? Because we need more people to hold the spiritual balance for the initiations that the earth will go through in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the 5th, 6th and 7th rays. These will be quite difficult initiations for the planet. We need more people to hold the balance for this, and therefore, we need you to be where you should be, according to your own Divine plan—not according to where you think you should be with your outer mind that is influenced by your sense of reality, your current perception filter, and the current truth that you think is the highest possible. 

My beloved, we need you to step up in order to hold the balance for the earth in this coming year, otherwise it will be a very, very difficult challenge. You have already seen in 2016 how many things have been exposed, how many impurities have come up, as we said last year would happen. Can you not see that, with what has been happening on the 4th Ray of Purity, this will only accelerate with the 5th Ray of Truth? 

It is entirely possible in this coming year that there are certain things that will receive such a dramatic exposure of what is going on behind the scenes or of the fallacy of certain beliefs that it will be far too much for many people to handle. If we have more people who can hold the balance, then the collective consciousness will be raised so fast, so quickly, that people will be able to cope with these exposures. 

Exposures can and will occur around the world in 2017

My beloved, why did Vladimir Putin say that 2016 had been a difficult year? Well, partly, because certain things had been exposed about Russia that he would have preferred had not been exposed. This involves the hacking claim about the American presidential election. It involves the exposure of systematic doping of Russian athletes and other things that will be exposed in the coming year.

Do not think that the American nation will go free. We had the Panama Papers last year, but when was the last time you heard or read anything about them? They sort of faded into the background, but there will be other exposures of this. 

You have, of course, seen in the past year, as we also said, that it would be not a good year to run for President if you had skeletons in the closet or emails in your hidden accounts. Does it really matter who exposed the emails? No matter who exposed them, it does not change the fact that there was something to expose. Do not think that the newly elected President will go free in this coming year of certain exposures about his personal life, about his business life, about his taxes or non-taxes. 

Do not think that the American nation will be spared either, for there can, with a very high likelihood, be certain exposures of the fact of how a hidden elite is running things in America, and how the inequality between rich and poor in America has grown to a level that simply has never been seen before in the history of this nation (that is, unless you compare the slave owners of the South to their slaves). My beloved, the greatest challenge for America in this coming year will be that something needs to be done about the gap between rich and poor in the richest nation on earth. 

Is America the richest nation on earth, or is it simply the nation on earth that has the richest power elite? That question needs to be brought out, but for many it will be extremely shocking to see how an elite has influenced every aspect of American society. 

A big question will be whether a President who was, to some degree, elected by the poor people (who have lost their jobs as a result of the speculation of the elite), can help those poor people when he comes from a background of himself being part of the elite? He has taken full advantage of what the current American system allows businessmen to do when they have accumulated enough wealth that they can begin to define conditions rather than adapting to them.

There are, of course, many other parts of the world where exposures can and will take place. Great Britain faces a very difficult situation with how to implement the result of the vote on leaving the EU. There are many things here that could be exposed also about how elitist British society still is. I will tell you that, when it comes to mindset, there is no more elitist society than England itself. I do not say Great Britain but England. 

You will also see that France could potentially face some exposures of how inconsistent the French view of themselves is, how unrealistic is their view of their importance in the world or in the EU. This may give certain humiliating exposures. 

There may, of course, be events in many countries that will bring out an exposure of certain mindsets that show the inconsistencies and the attachment to a certain perception of the world. The Middle East, of course, especially with Israel but also several of the Arab countries, could potentially face an exposure that forces people to look at themselves and their society, especially Islam. 

My beloved, is it really consistent to claim that Islam is the ultimate truth when the Islamic culture has produced the persistent fighting you see coming from IS or ISIS or other groups? When does it dawn upon the masses in the Arab world that it is inconsistent to claim that this is a superior religion inspired by God when it produces people who are willing to kill to the extent that you have seen in the Arab world? 

Russia, of course, also faces potential humiliating exposures relating to the fact that you have the vast majority of the population living in poverty that is growing. At the same time, you have a small elite that are becoming increasingly rich off of the natural resources that should belong to the entire nation and the entire people. 

Ascended master conferences in 2017

We look forward to a conference in Russia and to the coming together of so many ascended master students from Russia to give this great impetus for radiating the Golden Age consciousness in this beautiful country and to these beautiful people who unfortunately have not let go of the victim consciousness. My beloved, they cannot see that it is inconsistent to claim that you are the victim of the world, while, at the same time, you are committing what can only be seen as acts of aggression. 

Then, of course, we look forward to another conference in Europe, for there is much need for healing of Europe, especially after the exit of Britain (or at least the nominal exit that has not yet begun), and therefore, there is much healing to be done here. 

We look forward to the conference in Korea, again, where we have such a growth in the students we have seen that it truly gives us great hope that we can anchor the golden age consciousness in Korea and have it spread from there to many other nations in Asia.

Truly, we look to the year 2017 to be another breakthrough, as all the years have been since 2012 where we started this cycle of releasing the energy of the seven rays, one year at a time. The response from the students has been enough to create a significant upward spiral. 

We look for many more students to join this and to help us hold the balance for these next three years that will be tricky, both on the personal level and the planetary level. As Serapis Bey said in his book [The Mystical Initiations of Intention], the 4th ray is the eye of the needle, the nexus in the initiations between the first three rays and the last three. Certainly, as you go up through the rays, the initiations can only accelerate, for you are moving towards the 7th ray of freedom, which is the ultimate acceleration. 

The challenges for the next three years

I am, therefore, committed to rendering an extraordinary assistance to the earth for these next three years, but it will not be an assistance that I will give in a general way. It will be an assistance that I will only give through individuals who will take our teachings and make use of them. 

When you take our teachings, our invocations, our decrees, when you take the books and apply them, then I will be able to assist you individually if you are willing, if you will but ask. It is only when you apply yourself to the path of passing the initiations of the seven rays on an individual level that I can and will give you this assistance.

My beloved, let me ask you to step back, even to the point where you are looking at earth from space. You might envision that you are floating with me in space and looking at the earth. What you will see, if you could see at the energetic level, is that through the center of the earth is an axis, of course, and around that axis is wound a serpent. 

You know the symbol of the caduceus used by the medical profession, with one or even two serpents wrapped around a rod. This is what you see in the centre of the earth, and the serpent, of course, represents the serpentine consciousness, the duality consciousness, the fallen beings, and the many human beings who are trapped in this. 

If you look closer, you will see that the serpent does not have simply one head, it has many heads. It is more than the seven-headed hydra because it has so many of these expressions, be it religions, be it scientific materialism, being political philosophies or other philosophies that each represent a head of the serpent. What will happen in these coming years is that these heads will penetrate from the center of the earth, and they will come out through the surface. 

They will simply be pushed up through the surface of the earth, not, of course, physically but at an energetic level. This means that when such a serpent head breaks through, there will be an event that will expose the untruth, the fallacy, or the lack of peace, or the lack of freedom that is behind that particular philosophy, view of life, that particular “ultimate” truth. 

In the next year, it will be shown how they are inconsistent in themselves. In 2018, it will be shown how they are not peaceful even though they claim to be. In 2019, it will be shown how they are not giving people freedom even though they claim to be doing so. These are initiations for the planet, and those who will pass these initiations are those who will see through the inconsistencies, who will see these inconsistencies for what they are and, therefore, not be fooled by them. 

Passing the initiations of 2017

Will you, the ascended master students, pass these initiations? Well, you will if you do what I said earlier: If you will ask us with an open mind and heart that is willing to hear a higher expression of truth than the one you currently think is the highest possible and that gives you a sense of reality. Do you want to move higher in your ability to see reality during these next three years? Then, I have now given you the formula. 

Of course, the books by the Chohans that have been released and will be released will also be essential for you to pass these initiations and to help the planet pass the initiations by holding the spiritual balance for the millions of people who simply are not ready to pass these initiations on their own. They need someone to hold that balance so that they are not overwhelmed but will be able to accelerate their perception of truth without completely losing their sense of reality, their sense of what is real and unreal. If not, they end up thinking that nothing is real and, therefore, they can literally lose their minds, can lose their bearings. If we do not see an acceleration of the number of students who are willing to use our teachings, to make themselves ready to hold this balance, then you will see a great acceleration in the number of people who lose their minds over these next three years, for the changes will be too much for them to handle. 

Thus, I place before you an opportunity, a responsibility, and I place before you a challenge! Will you use this dictation to feed your fear of the future or to transcend your fear of the future? 

Gautama, I AM, and I AM ever ready to help you transcend all fear! Ask me, and I will answer to the extent that you are open to receiving that answer, which will never be what your outer mind expects it to be.


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