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For those that join us in the Project: Kies Partij voor de Liefde (The Party for Love Governance), the video below is a good start to begin with.

This is a reposting of a work by Manithya Sudevi who appears in the video and invites to share and re-publish the video (see within the video)... She posted this a few years ago but now I could not find the video any more, but the related Blog post is still there - find the link below: 

Divya Kriti says the same and focuses a bit more on the aspects that were outlined by the most well known presenter of this hypothesis (Plato with his allegory of the cave) - why and who has an interest too keep us forever enslaved? Here in the words of Manithya Sudevi: Free Yourself from the International Conspiracy Against Enlightenment,

An Essential 10 Step Program I highly recommend you look deeply into the issues I’m about to share with you here. It’s my hope that this presentation will spark your own passion to research the hidden agendas behind the all pervasive corruption in our world today, how that corruption affects your conscious path of self realization, and ultimately, how to go beyond all the obstacles stacked against you by the self-appointed global "elite," and rise into enlightenment, anyway.

I have not placed (and will never place) a copyright on any of this material. Please share it, quote it, copy and paste it, e-mail it, print it and distribute it, and get these messages out any way you see fit. In ascending order, starting with the physical, moving into the mental, and finally the spiritual, the 10 steps to free yourself from the international conspiracy against enlightenment are:

1. Do not consume any fluoride, ever.

2. Do not consume any aspartame, ever.

3. Avoid eating genetically modified, non-organic and highly processed, “foods.”

4. Avoid watching television.

5. Question your education.

6. Re-evaluate the validity of popular opinion.

7. Look within yourself to discover who you are.

8. Keep a Regular Spiritual Routine.

9. Drop all the judgements you have against those who are not ready to make the same changes you’re making.

10. Let Enlightenment be your number one priority!

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For more info on the project in Dutch, click here

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