Splendor Solis

Video: David Wilcock The Science of a Golden Age 2014 Documentary 

A must see for all who are interested in the Esoteric Teachings and believe that we are on the brink of the Golden Age of Aquarius.

The vision of the Golden Age has been the main inspiration of the generation of the sixties of the previous age. In our times we are experiencing the collapse of old dualistic  and materialistic worldview and its creations. At the same time we can engage in the individual rebirth of ourselves which will eventually enable us collectively, to transcend the old paradigms and embrace a higher and expanded awareness. This message of a Spiritual Revolution of Conscioussness is the core of our work as the ARK Foundation and its projects. (4 parts )

 Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


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22 april 2024

Bilingual (English & Dutch) website of the international visionary social political movement and Party for Love Governance inspired by Saint Germain of The Great White Brotherhood. - Tweetalige website van de Partij voor de Liefde, een politieke beweging en partij voor de Gouden Eeuw van Aquarius


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